How does FBR POS works?

Retailers can now easily integrate their stores with FBR POS. Websol POS makes this integration process a lot easier.

1. Customer visits checkout counter

After adding items to cart, customer proceed towards checkout counter for payment of the item purchased.

visit counter
invoice creation

2. Invoice Creation

Sales person at the checkout counter scan items via barcode reader and add items to POS Sales Register. After all items are added, sales person takes payment from customer and finalizes POS sale.

3. FBR Invoice Number Request

After sales person at checkout counter finishes POS Sale, Websol POS software creates an Invoice. This invoice is forwarded to FBR system for generation of FBR invoice number.

Invoice Number
FBR Sale Data

4. FBR Invoice Generation

Fiscal Invoice is generated, encrypted and stored in FBR Sale Data Controller and returns a fiscal invoice number to POS.

5. Synchronization

FBR Sale Data Controller Sync the data with FBR central server on periodic basis.

QR Code

6. FBR QR Code Generation

FBR POS generates the QR Code for fiscal invoice. This QR Code is printed on customer's invoice along-with FBR POS Invoicing System Logo.

7. Invoice Billing

The receipt is printed out from the POS System and physically delivered to the customer. Total GST collected from the customer, along-with FBR Invoice Number, FBR QR-Code and FBR POS Logo is printed on receipt.

Invoice Billing
Billing Verification

8. Billing Verification

Customer receive the printed fiscal invoice and verify it from FBR System using any of proposed mode.

9. Tax Collection

On verification of invoice, FBR system mark this invoice for 6% tax collection. In case of non-verification of invoice, Bill will be changed as 9% tax collection.

Tax Collection


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Very professional people. Good software, easy to use. I'll give five stars for your services.

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