Manage your flavors with the | Best Restaurant POS in Pakistan

Manage your flavors with the | Best Restaurant POS in Pakistan

Start Running your business smoothly without hurdles and obstacles!! We gave you the best Pos Software packages with updated features!

Evolution of the Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

Over the last few years, restaurant POS has had several advancements. Before we look at how the restaurant point-of-sale system has evolved over the years, let us first define what exactly is a point-of-sale system.

  - The Restaurant Industry

A restaurant point of sale is typically the point of purchase where transactions happen for purchasing items. In a restaurant, the bills are generated against the services provided by the outlet, such as dining in, or takeaway food. Before the introduction of technology into restaurants, bills were traditionally generated by merely calculating the order value manually and giving customers a handwritten receipt.

  - Traditional POS Systems Were a Big Innovation

After the pen-and-paper way of taking orders, the next thing to enter the restaurant industry was the first POS system. It was a basic cash register, a computer-based system introduced by IBM. It was a revolutionary step for the restaurant industry back then.

      - The traditional POS also called the legacy POS could generate a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) that got orders to the kitchen in a systematic manner.
      - They provided customers with error-free bill receipts against orders including the tax so that guests could see and verify what they had precisely ordered and the total cost of the meal.
      - Restaurant owners could calculate how much should stay in the cash register and how much money should go to the bank.

The traditional restaurant Point Of Sale brought with it the miracle of customer data. Customer details and order history could now be saved. With technical innovations, reporting and analytics came into the picture that provided more profound insights into the restaurant business.

One-Stop Restaurant Management Solution

Point of Sale Software Provides every tool you need to run the cafe, fine dining restaurant, fast food, or ice cream parlour you want.

 - Customized requirements

     POS makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition, and your business-specific requirements can be integrated.

 - All your data in one place

     Your products, inventory, orders and customers are automatically updated and backed up in the cloud.

 - Track your sales and growth

     Detailed business reports help you to analyze and gain insight into your products, orders and payments.

Salient Features

Designed for Everyone, Everywhere:

 - Multi-User
 - Table Management
 - Analytical Reports
 - Product Management
 - Kitchen Management
 - Inventory Management
 - Tax / Discount Options
 - Quick Setup Custom Menu
 - Ingredient Level Control
 - Branch / Franchise Management

and much more... 

Integrated with FBR & SRB

Point of Sale Software can be integrated with

 - Sindh Revenue Board (SRB)
 - Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
 - Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)
 - Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA)
 - Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Revenue Authority (KPRA)

Kitchen Display Terminal

  - Fire Faster
  - Better communication
  - Manage the Whole Kitchen 
  - Measure and Improve cook timings
  - Track individual item cook items
  - Top customer service

POS Clients Globally

We are a Pakistan-based software house that provides our services globally and we have clients all across the seas.

  - Our POS Installed Locations
  Karachi Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi Faisalabad Hyderabad Quetta Peshawar Bahrain U.A.E. Australia United Kingdom U.S.A.

For Details Call Us
+92 311 052 0111 | +92 21 3722 1800

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